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1. Converting waste through micronisation and calcination the diamond saw slurry and crusher dust to metakaolin that can be used as a replacement for flyash in concrete.

2. Leaching clays from the siltstone to produce pure silica.

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In 2017, Eidsvold Siltstone secured a government grant to conduct research into the feasibility of turning siltstone powder into metakaolin - a cement strengthener used in Europe and the US.

The research was undertaken with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and found that siltstone powder is an excellent and green precursor for cement. 

For more information about the project, read the article Business Turns Dust into Profit 

In partnership with Centre of Infrastructure Engineering at Western Sydney University (WSU), we conducted a study into the use of siltstone powder.

For more information on the project, download our Siltstone Powder Study Report [PDF]

The diamond cut Alumino Silicate bricks are calcined then polished. 

When calcined and polished, Eidsvold Siltstone becomes porcelanic.


Produced in conjunction with Advanced Cement Technologies.
Available in 30, 20, 10, 3 & 1 litre buckets.
Contact Eidsvold Siltstone for any further enquiries

Eidstone Siltstone is currently working with Industry leading partners in Australia and New Zealand in developing a proprietary chemical process to refine siltstone and other Silica/Aluminium & Iron bearing raw materials into a suite of industrial mineral and chemical products. The metals found in siltstone are substantially like those found in blast furnace slags. These initial trials will develop the process that could be scaled up to repurpose the tunnel spoil of similar rocks types in Melbourne that are produced by the excavation by Tunnel Boring Machines for the transport infrastructure projects in Victorias Big Build program over the next 5 years.
Eidsvold has been seeking  opportunities to reuse the diamond saw slurry from the production of pavers, bricks & tiles over the past 20 years.

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