At Eidsvold Siltstone, we’re constantly exploring ways to be more sustainable and innovative through research and development projects. Here's a a few projects we've worked on.


In 2017, Eidsvold Siltstone secured a government grant to conduct research into the feasibility of turning siltstone powder into metakaolin - a cement strengthener used in Europe and the US.

The research was undertaken with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and found that siltstone powder is an excellent and green precursor for cement. 

For more information about the project, read the article Business Turns Dust into Profit 

In partnership with Centre of Infrastructure Engineering at Western Sydney University (WSU), we conducted a study into the use of siltstone powder.

For more information on the project, download our Siltstone Powder Study Report [PDF]

The diamond cut Alumino Silicate bricks are calcined then polished. 

When calcined and polished, Eidsvold Siltstone becomes porcelanic.


Eidsvold Siltstone is working with the Australian Standards Committee to ensure that metakaolin is aligned and included in the standards for the concrete building industries.